Maladies cardiovasculaires

Hypertension artérielle définition simple

The prevalence of asymptomatic diastolic dysfunction in patients with hypertension and without LVH may be as high as 33%. Chronically elevated afterload and the resulting LVH can adversely affect the active early relaxation phase and the late compliance phase of ventricular diastole. Early LV diastolic dyssynchrony may be associated with LV remodeling and contribute to LV diastolic dysfunction in patients with hypertension. A retrospective study of 168 patients with primary aldosteronism who underwent an adrenalectomy found that HTN was cured or controlled in 77% of patients with a unilateral adenoma and in 68% of patients with aldosteronism who had no adenoma, but whose aldosterone-to-cortisol ratio was at least 5 times higher on the dominant side than on the nondominant side.