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Data from the health examination surveys, 1960 to 1991. Hypertension. That is where the difficulty of making a diagnosis comes from. Up until the present, according to the therapists who have had the occasion to experiment with the treatment of Tic-Tox, there would be about 99% positive results, the other residual symptoms proving to be solely from the neurological after-effects (due for the most part to the lateness of the diagnosis) or from another cause to be determined (look above). It is necessary to note as well that in certain serious cases (phase III and phase IV) the treatment is incapable of getting rid of all the symptoms among them the residual symptoms due to the neurological after-effects produced by the borreliaes before the treatment. The standard medicine having no other solutions to offer except antibiotics (whose efficiency is highly relative) the patients who still have symptoms after treatment and who have a negative serological test, are oriented nowadays, for want of anything better, towards other kinds of therapies (neurological, psychiatric or psychological). This could also explain why certain serological analyses came up falsely negative especially after a first round of antibiotics. Where the bite is there appears, at first, a red mark, round and rash-like, which is accompanied by symptoms evocative of the flu (shivers, fever, headache, or again, joint pains).

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Norvasc Hypertension The most talked about symptom, the famous migrating erythema (discussed below) is not an obligatory sign: in many cases, there is no reaction on the place of the bite. Migrating erythema (not always evident because it is relatively transient). When there is neither a bite nor erythema and nothing visible on the serologic analysis, the doctor concludes that it isn’t Lyme’s Disease. There are no two victims of Lyme’s Disease who have identical symptoms. In classic medicine, one treats Lyme’s Disease with antibiotics.

As the varied and successive antibiotic treatments only give, in most cases, incomplete results, one could put forward the hypothesis that the antibiotic attack provokes the movement of the borreliae to cells where they are protected from it, even if it means invading the body again later. They seek refuge in a shell which protects them from all aggression (it would be necessary to administer a dose of tetracycline equivalent to four times the lethal dose for a man if one wanted to use this method). This allows one to kill the borreliaes which could have possibly been transmitted, as the essential oils have the ability of passing through the cutaneous layer. This remedy composed of extracts of propolis and of different essential oils with antibacterial effects (savory, cloves) antiseptics and an anti-inflammatory (wild camomile) was elaborated by Bernard Christophe, a pharmacist who specialized in phyto-aromatherapy, for an immediate local treatment after a tick bite. After several tries, its employment was validated for internal use in a curative treatment. Caution : when the treatment is taken, the symptoms can increase during the first eight days.

But the disease is much more common than one would think.

Although it is striking to notice the lightning increase of the cases of borrelia, nobody wonders about the reasons of this increase. Thym et hypertension . It isn’t always easy to notice the presence of the tick, and it can “drop off” through the rubbing of clothes after having transmitted the sickness to the host. So the presence of borreliae in the body could bring about many kinds of auto-immune reactions and a certain number of diagnoses could be connected in this way to the disease. But the disease is much more common than one would think. So, one could think that the damages caused by this disease are much greater than the official numbers would lead us to believe, because it is so difficult to diagnose. After two minutes, it will be dead, and one can pull it out with tweezers. And it is possible that, sooner or later, we will be talking about a new scandal of contaminated blood. Possible pathologies: Chronic fatigue, hypertension, depression, prostate troubles, diarrhea, gallstones, lumbago, digestive troubles, fragile sexuality (emotionally), vein troubles, degenerative osteoarthritis, painful menstruation, sterility, spasmophilia, crampes. Hypertension, cardiopathie, tachycardie, infarctus, troubles circulatoires, varices, varicosités, hémorroïdes, phlébites, œdèmes, crampes, artériosclérose. Pathologies éventuelles : insomnie, irritabilité, hypertension, op-pression thoracique, rhumatisme.

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Most especially, they are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Bechterew’s disease (ankylosing spondylitis), rheumatoid arthritis, sometimes multiple sclerosis, hypertension, unexplained extrasystoles, diverse dermatosis, nervous dyspepsia, unexplained migraines… Heart palpitations, extrasystoles, irregularities of the heart rhythm. The effect of spironolactone on morbidity and mortality in patients with severe heart failure. Ginseng hypertension . Lorgeril M, Salen P, Martin JL, Boucher F, de Leiris J., Interactions of wine drinking with omega-3 fatty acids in patients with coronary heart disease :A fish-like effect of moderate drinking., Am Heart J. 2008 Jan ;155(1):175-81. Officially, the disease evolves in two steps. Physique: Long-limbed or the opposite, stocky, weak abdominal belt, dark circles under the eyes, tint, voice and bearing without tone. And Fuller’s Teasel (used in Germany). Muscle pain and cramps. Anyone who suffers from borrelia without knowing it describes diverse pains to their doctor (pain in the joints, muscles, digestion…) which move, and which the doctor logically treats with anti-inflammatory drugs.

If the borreliae are not eradicated, the disease continues and develops by a kind of arthritis (often in the knees), by neurological signs (numbness, night-time pain that inhibits sleep, paralysis of facial muscles or of members). Doctors don’t know Lyme’s Disease very well (it comes from a spiral shaped bacterial called Borrelia, which contaminates the ticks). Even with some people who have done the Elisa or Western Blot blood tests and got a negative result (thus ruling out Lyme’s Disease), characteristic symptoms remain or appear, despite the preliminary antibiotic treatments. This leaves us to think that the tests are not 100% trustworthy, which, by the way, is also what most of specialists on the disease think. Des tests de provocation au marteau reflexe ont été effectués : le test de Phalen est positif aux deux poignets, mais aucun signe de Tinel n’est noté, ni aux membres supérieurs, ni aux membres inférieurs.