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L'hypertension intracrânienne (HTIC) - Récap' IDE Une hypertension doit être traitée impérativement. Les otites associées à des sinusites avec fortes douleurs, écoulement nauséabond et pus peuvent être soulagées par l’or métallique. Prendre 3 granules d’Aurum metallicum 7 CH – 15 CH ou 14 DH ; elles peuvent être prises jusqu’à 3 fois par jour en cas de douleurs chroniques nocturnes. Des douleurs osseuses et articulaires nocturnes et chroniques viennent perturber le sommeil et l’équilibre de chacun. Ici, c’est donc la qualité du sommeil qui prime ! Reflux gastro-œsophagiens : prendre Nux vomica 5 CH ou 10 DH à raison de 3 granules lorsque c’est nécessaire. Prendre Nux vomica 9 CH ou 18 DH à raison de 3 granules quand cela est nécessaire. Céphalées après un repas copieux : prendre Nux vomica 7 CH ou 14 DH à raison de 3 granules toutes les heures. Prendre Nux vomica 9 CH ou 18 DH à raison de 5 granules avant le départ. Nux Vomica existe sous de nombreuses formes : granules, doses globules, solutions buvables en gouttes et en ampoules, poudre orale et pommade. Or métallique ou Aurum metallicum est une souche homéopathique directement préparée à partir d’or en poudre ou en paillettes.

Les pépites de ce métal naturel sont réduites en poudre et utilisées en homéopathie, notamment pour leur effet euphorisant. Ce métal naturellement produit en pépite passe par un processus d’érosion mécanique avant d’être intégré à une solution homéopathique. Avant d’envoyer un texte à la rédaction de la RMS, assurez-vous que toutes les conditions ci-après sont satisfaites. The goat ginseng is a unique plant that is resistant to cold, hurt or hung in the environment, and has a slow growth rate and low fertility until it has sufficient growth conditions. It also strengthens immunity, strengthens muscle strength, improves muscle growth and improves appetite , Anti-aging, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. In particular, it replenishes and strengthens the weak body of the living body and improves fatigue recovery, resistance to bacteria and immune function, , And the goat ginseng maintains the homeostasis of the human body. It is well known that it is good for diarrhea, edema, various hemorrhages in summer, dizziness due to excess postpartum hemorrhage, chronic uterine inflammation, major depression, ambulation, nocturnal enema, antibacterial effect and hypotensive effect and strengthens stomach.

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Therefore, it has a unique effect of neutralizing action that is well suited to everyone. It is said to be Younggye Paik Sook which used a little larger (less than 550g) Put glutinous rice, garlic, jujube wrapped in a clean cloth in the stomach of the chicken which took out the gut, and boil it well in a pot or a kettle which has plenty of water, and when the meat is fully ripe, it is rescued. Samgyetang is a good stamina formula that has a balanced nutritional balance with glutinous rice, chestnut, jujube and other effective ingredients. Oreille qui siffle hypertension . Samgyetang has long been known as a recipe for the people who are gigantic. Their effectiveness and efficacy are superior to ginseng and red ginseng. In addition, there has not yet been studied a method of enhancing the functionality by preparing various kinds of herb medicines in the goat ginseng to prepare Samgyetang.

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It has a strong anti-cancer component, which destroys cancer cells of various cancers and increases immune antibodies of human DNA to prevent cancer cell metastasis, and is effective in preventing cancer and recurrence after cancer surgery. It is a rice grown without reaching human hands like artificial cultivation without weeding. The ancient rice is the wild rice seed rice before the improvement of the present rice varieties, and it is characterized by dormancy and infertility. The method of producing the leaves of the present invention is characterized in that the main ingredients of the lotus leaf, the goat ginseng and the white pheasant are added to the glutinous rice, an ancient rice, jujube, chestnut, garlic, pine nut, bank, almond, smoked turmeric, It can be made from steamed potatoes with a mixture of lotus root powder, king seeds, and raw materials such as Hovenia japonica, Oggipi, Ginger, Doduck, Roundworm, Lamb, Licorice, Causes Saponins, antioxidants, antioxidants and anti-aging benefits are abundant, and organic herb ginseng, various herbal medicines, goa juice soup, ancient rice syrup and lotus leaves are the best functional recreational foods. These ancient myrrh, myrrh, and trombiculars are characterized by the fact that the content of polyphenol is more than 200 times higher than that of white myrrh.

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Ginseng is wrapped in a cloth and put in a soup, and the ingredients of orphan ginseng are raised, and the soup is mixed with the salt, and the meat is put in the soup. The object of the present invention is to solve the problems in view of the existing problems, and it has been proposed to add a sub ingredient and ten or more domestic medicinal herbs as raw materials to the main ingredient Baeksei Samgyet chicken, organic lotus leaf, But also to provide a lotus leaf ginseng ginseng samgye tang which is made by studying so that the original taste, color, texture and flavor of Samgyetang become more deep and harmonious and eaters can increase their satisfaction and improve their taste and health.

And 0.5 g of linseed powder, 0.5 g of linseed powder, 0.2 g of ginger powder, and heating at a temperature of 100 ° C. or more for 1 minute, characterized by comprising a cooking and finishing step of filtering the medicinal materials from the above chicken and broth,. Artères rénales hypertension . Add 5 g of the king’s salt to the above-mentioned broth and put the steamed chicken that has been stripped of the lotus leaves into boiling broth at 100 ° C or higher for 4 to 6 minutes, 17 to 19 minutes for medium and 4 to 6 minutes for heavy Boiled chicken for 2-4 minutes in a low heat state; And 0.5 g of linoleic acid powder and 0.5 g of linseed powder, 0.2 g of ginger powder was further added, and the mixture was heated at a temperature of 100 ° C. or higher for 1 minute, and then twisted It is produced on the leg of the chicken with the finishing stage of cooking such as nutritious leek and sweet potato. It is stronger and more sweet than ordinary glutinous rice, and contains a lot of chrolofil, zinc, magnesium and fiber. Step c, overturns Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis at quarterly intervals, and makes Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis soak in Mel more than 7 years, obtains Mel bubble Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis.

The manufacture method of this Mel bubble Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis provides the benefit that: Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis is by soaking more than 7 years in Mel, the composition of Radix Glycyrrhizae, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Citrus chachiensis Hort. The present invention relates to field of health care food, particularly to a kind of Mel bubble Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis and manufacture method thereof. It is an object of the invention to provide a kind of instant, delicious, and can guarantee that Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis effect, and the Mel appealed to all ages steeps Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis and manufacture method thereof. Mr. Chen, 23 years old, coughs many days, eats this Mel bubble Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis afterwards, eats every day 1~2 time, and the most edible appropriate, after 2 days, cough is clearly better, and i.e. If but Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis directly edible taste is bitter and puckery, it is difficult to swallow, being typically made decoction pieces the most on the market soaked edible, not only eating comparison and being tired of, taste is the best, and can make the ingredients from lossing of Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis in the course of processing, hence it is evident that reduce its effect.

Step c, overturns the Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis in glass jar at quarterly intervals, changes Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis position in Mel, and makes Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis soak in Mel 8 years, obtains Mel bubble Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis. Step c, overturns the Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis in glass jar at quarterly intervals, changes Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis position in Mel, and makes Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis soak in Mel 9 years, obtains Mel bubble Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis. Take Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis 550g, Mel 1100g, Radix Glycyrrhizae 200g, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae 450g, Citrus chachiensis Hort.